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Supporting Arrhythmia Alliance to ensure communities, schools, businesses and golf clubs across the UK have access to AEDs to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest. You can find out more about our supporters by clicking here.


  • 100,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest in the UK every year
  • It claims more lives than breast cancer, lung cancer and Aids combined
  • CPR only saves the lives of 9% who suffer SCA
  • CPR when used alongside an AED massively increases the survival rate from 9% to 50%
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January 2015

WARNING – If you are about to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED) please read.

Our strong advice is to never purchase a second-hand defibrillator unless you have the original certificate of purchase and full history of its use and previous owner’s details, which can then be verified and not listed on a stolen list.

Sadly there have been reported thefts of AED’s from unlocked and locked cabinets and it can only be assumed that these despicable people who show no regard or value for other people’s lives believe a stolen device has some monetary value. 

A second-hand defibrillator (AED) has NO monetary value. Each defibrillator has a serial number and can always be traced. AED’s need constant daily/weekly checking and monitoring – without such monitored governance they may not operate correctly or at all if used at the time of an emergency. 

If anyone approaches you selling or advertising an AED – treat the offer with great caution as you may be wasting your money but more importantly, putting a life at risk.  If you can, report it to your local police.

We are providing you with this information to protect you and others and to ensure everything possible is done to avoid the risk of an unnecessary death. If we can kill the demand of any stolen defibrillators, then we will be saving lives.

REMEMBER...if it is cheap and looks a bargain then it is most likely STOLEN and can be traced and may not work when you require it.

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